Amanda Williams’ groundbreaking show at unique venue

‘A Story of Love’ unique monthly concert series

Amanda Colleen Williams, a Grammy-nominated song co-writer and a dear friend of mine, has overcome extraordinary hurdles after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015. Now cancer free, she is emerging with a new Nashville music venue, named 7695, and a groundbreaking concert series.

Amanda Colleen Williams

‘A Story of Love’ is a one woman show performed monthly at the 7695 venue.  Shows are typically the last Saturday of the month, and the next showcase is scheduled for May 27th at 7695 River Road Pike in Nashville. Gates open at 5 p.m. and the concert begins promptly at 7PM. Parking is free with attendants on site. Tickets, $20.00 each, can be purchased in advance here. 

“A delightful vignette”

‘A Story of Love’ 2016 album

‘A Story of Love’ is described by arranger/pianist Ron Oates as, “a quite welcome relief from the Nashville norm. Each show is a delightful vignette. Your attention is captured from Amanda’s spoken introduction, and you remain riveted for the duration.”

The 7695 is a stunning private event facility in Nashville. Nestled on a pristine creek-front property along the Cumberland River, 7695 offers hidden surprises at every turn, from hand-lain stone masonry to sprawling green spaces with frequent wildlife spotting including bald eagles, mallards and blue herons. By the way, 7695 is available for private events (wedding bells, anyone?) and you can find out more by emailing Amanda at

Garth Brooks: a “one to watch”

Williams is grateful for the time to heal and recover from her battle with cancer and the passing of her father in 2016. She credits these recent life experiences as the inspiration to boldly emerge with a unique concert series, like nothing you have ever seen in Nashville.

Garth Brooks mentioned Williams as one of his top “ones to watch” on a recent interview with CBS. The pair co-wrote “She’s Tired of Boys” on his Man Against Machine and RPMs albums. View the entire interview here.

A Story of Love is a show you won’t want to miss! You find out more about Amanda Williams, see photos of 7695 and previous shows held there, and find out about upcoming events here.