The power of copyright: 5 Q&As with Preshias Harris

Q&A interview with Copyright Alliance

This week we would like you to meet one of our Individual Creator Members, Preshias Harris. (From the Copyright Alliance blog, August 17, 2017.)

1. What was the inspiration behind becoming a music career development consultant?
Preshias: “I’ve always loved music. There was always music in our house when I was growing up in Kentucky. I knew I had to be in Nashville because that’s where the music is. As s soon as I could, I moved to Nashville and got a job as an intern at BNA Records and then Atlantic Records. It was a wonderful opportunity, working with recording artists such as John Anderson, Lorrie Morgan, Tracy Lawrence and Confederate Railroad. Everyone was willing to share what they knew with me, the new kid. That made a big impression on me. So many young people turn up here, knowing nothing about the music business. They are easy prey for the ‘music sharks’ who are waiting to take advantage of them. As my knowledge of the music industry grew, I made myself a pledge to help aspiring artists and songwriters follow their dream while giving them the knowledge to spot – and avoid – those smiling sharks!”

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