Watch out! Buddy Jewell is locked and RELOADED!

New EP released on April 2nd

It’s here at last: my dear friend Buddy Jewell’s latest EP, RELOADED (BAM/Pangea Records), is officially released as of April 02, 2017… and that just happens to be the date of Buddy’s birthday, too.

Buddy Jewell Reloaded EP

I love all the tracks, so it’s hard to pick a favorite, but there’s something special about “Just Enough To Get To Memphis,” about a guy panhandling and asking for $20.00 so he can (yeah, you guessed it!) get home to Memphis.

Then there’s the uptempo “Diesel Destiny” that rolls along like a Kenworth barreling down the Interstate, and the heartfelt ballad, “I Am Every Man,” and I can’t get enough of either track.

“I’m There,” new single from Buddy Jewell

The single picked from the project is “I’m There,” Buddy’s poignant take on a cause close to his heart: the men and women of the U.S. Military. It has all the markings of an instant classic and I believe it will strike a chord with everyone who has a family member who is serving (or who has served) in a branch of the Military. Buddy has included two versions of “I’m There,” one of which is acoustic.

Here’s a great idea: go to iTunes on April 2nd and download a copy of RELOADED for $4.99. It’ll be a gift to yourself and a birthday gift from you to Buddy, because if he can get a LOT of downloads on that day, the EP will make it onto the iTunes chart!

Go for it. You’ll be glad you did. And… Happy Birthday, Buddy!  Listen to some track samples here and then click on the ‘Buy Album’ button or… go straight to iTunes now!

The first ‘Nashville Star’

Just a reminder… Buddy Jewell burst onto the country music scene after winning the inaugural season of the USA Network’s hit television series “Nashville Star.” After Buddy’s win, (beating out another contestant named Miranda Lambert!) Columbia Records released his self-titled debut album “Buddy Jewell” which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Album charts as well as #13 on the Top 100 Pop Album Charts. The album was certified Gold later that same year, selling over ½ million copies.  Buddy’s first two singles, “Sweet Southern Comfort” and “Help Pour Out the Rain (Lacey’s Song)” both landed in the top 5 on the singles chart. The new EP, RELOADED, contains some of Buddy’s best creative work to date.