Headhunters back ‘On Safari’

KY Southern Rock icons still blazin’ after 50 years

My Kentucky buddies are at it again: a new album, that is, from my longtime friends, The Kentucky Headhunters. They’re back from the Rock n’ Roll Jungle, as they put it, with their latest project titled ‘On Safari.

Kentucky Headhunters: 'On Safari'
Kentucky Headhunters: ‘On Safari’

The album, set for a November 4 release premiered on Hillbilly Jim’s Haunted Hayride on SiriusXM’s Outlaw Country channel over the Halloween weekend. That was appropriate, given an album cover that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a ‘Tales From the Crypt’ comic. But judging from the teasers you can hear as part of a 20+ minute EPK at the Headhunters’ website, the emphasis is on their unique blend of Southern rock and blues-tinged country.

A note on the website states that several life-changing events affected the band’s attitude as they recorded the new album. Band members Richard and Fred Young lost their father just three days before heading into the studio to record On Safari, causing the HeadHunters to let their guard down and pour even more emotion into the record, which they have dedicated to the memory of Richard and Fred’s father. Additionally, the band felt a new energy following their first-ever European tour and that energy is evident on tracks that nod at the importance of family and the Southern way of life.

The Kentucky Headhunters. Photo credit: Joe McNally
The Kentucky Headhunters. Photo credit: Joe McNally

Almost fifty years into their music career, the Kentucky Headhunters are still breathing fire and fresh air into their infectious, hard-rocking, unique sound. See ‘em live by all means, but definitely give a listen to their 12th studio album, ‘On Safari.’

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