Kevin Montgomery travels worldwide with house concerts

Kevin Montgomery will play for you, anywhere in the world

Kevin Montgomery, world traveler
Kevin Montgomery, world traveler

My dear friend Kevin Montgomery has to be one of most traveled singers in the world. As well as appearing at ‘normal’ music venues, Kevin specializes in house concerts. And house concerts are exactly what the name suggests: he will come to your house, anywhere in the world.

In his blog at his website, Kevin explains it like this: “16 years ago when I started doing house concerts I would get some strange looks, especially from artists that were on the more traditional path. Now, it seems everyone wants to do them. Why? Because they are awesome. I bring a small sound system, set it up in a living room, or whatever space is appropriate, and do a show. The host brings their friends, co-workers, family, etc …and we have a party… with a human CD player… me.”

He is prepared to go anywhere. He’s been as far as the Outback of Australia, where he traveled 13 hours (seven of it down a dirt road) to get to a farm where he performed on a flatbed trailer for folks that had driven from as far away as 250 kilometers. He went there after a fan bought his CD from Amazon and then got in touch with him about hosting a concert. He has performed frequently in all parts of the United Kingdom, including Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. I managed to catch up with him at a show in Maidstone, England, a few years ago.

“At this point I’ve probably done 300 house concerts,” he noted. “Four ‘50 States in 50 Days’ tours brings that number up to 200 alone.”

Kevin has a notable musical heritage, being the son of the late, great songwriter Bob Montgomery, who got his start in Lubbock, Texas, as half of a duo with Buddy Holly. Bob co-wrote a number of Holly’s biggest hits, including ‘Heartbeat,’ ‘Love’s Made a Fool of You’ and ‘Wishing.’ He also wrote the pop standard, ‘Misty Blue’ that has been a hit for various artists, including Eddie Arnold, Joe Simon and Dorothy Moore.

This summer, Kevin Montgomery will be remaining in the US for a while, but says he is open to literally going anywhere, if he gets asked to perform at a house concert. You can find out where Kevin is in the world right now, learn more about his house concerts, check out tour dates and listen to some of his music here.